Sunday, October 6, 2013

I am (fill in the blank) no matter what you say or do

Collage Painting

I created this collage painting with my girl to counteract the negative effects of a bully at our school.  

I created the collage and then asked her to paint the background to represent the way she feels when the bully calls her names, pushes her around and is mean to her.  She was able to apply the paint and push it around, stab at the canvas and splatter....whatever she felt.  I then created a beautiful doily bubble of protection.  The bubble shields her from all the negative behavior and creates a safe place of kindness and truth where her beautiful, pure, kind spirit can remain untouched.  All the words that surround her are positive affirmations that describe her completely.

I think it really helped my girl to have a visual representation of herself safe and protected with words describing who she is inside. That way she could focus of her positive traits and stop internalizing the negative being thrown at her.  

 I will place this in a special place so she in constantly reminded that none of this is her fault.  I am hopeful that my filling her up with positive thoughts and visions she can rise above this and that the bully will learn she cannot get to her anymore. 

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