Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fairy Princess Birthday Party

Welcome to our wonderful 
Fairy Princess Party!

The tables are set with handmade wings and crowns for the lovely guest to enjoy.
Have a rest inside the private fairy nook and read a fairy story while sitting on a mushroom stool.

Delicious and adorable snacks of all shapes and sizes for little fairies to enjoy.

 Craft area ready to go.....

Paint birdhouses
Set up fairy habitat
Add nature items
Write letters to fairies
Sprinkle magic dust!!!

Fairy House

Delicious and beautiful fairy cupcakes.
Adorable fairies perched upon magic mushrooms.
Too cute to eat.....well maybe not.

What a wonderful and magical birthday celebration!!!

1 comment:

Deva said...

I love the fairy houses! What a cute idea!