Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Art

Acrylic on 4 - 5" x 5" canvas squares 

Happy Father's Day!

This was a great Father's Day present for my husband that my girl and I put together.  We took thick canvases and painted a base color on each one.  Then we painted her hands, fingers, feet and toes and carefully printed a different color on each canvas.  We had so much fun creating this inexpensive, creative, artistic, handmade gift for a very special surprise.  I think I may definitely use this idea again especially if I ever teach art or give private lessons in the future.  It is a favorite!

It also makes the most perfect keepsake gift by capturing our 5 year olds prints in a fresh, new, pop art canvas wall display.  

It looks great and so modern! ;)

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