Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dr. Birthday Party

So, for my girls 5th birthday she decided to have a Dr. Party!!!!!! Not fairies, or princess, or butterflies, or art projects, or fancy Nancy.  No frilly, willy stuff here.  I asked her if she was sure, secretly hoping she would go for a fancy, fairy party.   I was already envisioning fanciful little 5 year olds dancing in a fairy garden with tutus, ribbon wands, crowns, butterflies dangling, fancy tea, twig houses etc. But I had to control my party planning urges and let my girl decide what she wanted. And she was positive so,  Dr.Party it was!  

Being an artist and crafty gal I knew this was going to be a bit of a challenge to make it super cute, fun, creative and doctory. It was so much fun trying to come up with new creative ways to have a doctor party and I wanted it to be the most special doctor party EVER.  I think we accomplished it with a lot of themed accessories.  We had the party at our local playground so that if some girls were not so interested in doctor play they could have the playground to play on as well.  The party accessories were set up on 3 picnic tables one with doll patients set up and ready to be examined, one with the cupcakes, water, juice, watermelon and of course presents.  We also brought a fold up table to hold the instruments and doctor bags too.  

Check out the fun things we used to make our Doctor Party a super fun doctor extravaganza!!! 

They guests were greeted for the party with scrubs to wear and given a doctor bag filled with charts and information to fill out as well as personalized Dr. Name tags.  Then they went to work examining their doll patients.
The doctors were encouraged to help themselves to any and all supplies including bandages, tongue depressors, cotton swabs, band aids, gauze, tape, sponges, plastic doctor tools etc. 

Here is the awesome, amazing, ambulance I made especially for the party. The doctors could put their patient in the front, wear the ambulance and run their patient to the hospital.  
Hand made x-rays to check for broken bones.

Eye chart
 Marzipan decorations I hand sculpted for the cupcakes.... bones, band aids, pills, 
red crosses, hearts, stethoscopes.....
 and for the Birthday Girl a lab coat, red cross, band aid and stethoscope!!!!! 

Goodie bags with special doctor treats to bring home.  

She LOVED IT!!!!  
She had the best time and so did all of her friends.  It was the perfect party, the perfect theme, the perfect setting.......
simply perfect.....perfect for us!

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