Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Make Some Art

Make Some Art
12 x 12
Acrylic, paper, collage materials, found objects on canvas

This piece of art I recently created is a message to myself to get into the studio and just CREATE!  

I have been letting the little things in life life get in the way of my creative work and have been feeling very frustrated.  Stress is a BIG distractor.  It is important for me to constantly remind myself to take the time to create... for my career, for my sanity, for my mind, body and soul.  When I create I feel better about myself.  I feel productive.  I feel so great that I created something that never existed before I sat down at my studio table with a blank canvas and limitless possibilities.  

It is also a lot of pressure looking down at that blank canvas but I realize not every piece is a masterpiece and it doesn't have to be.  Art and creating is a process of self discovery, inspiration and it takes lots of practice.  So, I need to have this piece of art staring me in the face when I put off going into the studio because I am unsure of the outcome.  It is so easy to find other seemingly important things to do like run errands, cook, play, exercise etc.  but it is all just procrastinating with whatever seems easier at the moment.  It may take a lot of effort and motivation but the payoff is so worth it.  To see my work out in the world and how it makes me feel is priceless.  I hope it has that effect on others out there too!

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