Thursday, April 19, 2012

My banner for Surtex 2012

This year I will be having my work exhibited at Surtex!!!! Surtex is an international fair for the sale and licence of design and artwork for textile fabrics, apparel and contract textiles, wall and floor coverings, paper products and much much more.  It will be held in NY May 20-22.

I am so excited!  My licensing agency Creative Connection, Inc. will be there representing my work as well as the work of other fabulous and creative artists.  I hope the show will help to get my work and style out to a larger audience so people can see what I do and hopefully want to buy lots and lots of things with my artwork on them!!! 

Here is banner for this years show with my work as well as another artist.  It looks great!  So colorful and full of fun.  Hope it does the trick!  Wish I could be there but am sending good luck to all of the fabulous artists at the show.  

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