Sunday, February 12, 2012

Puppet Theatre


I made this awesome Puppet Theatre for my girl out of yup, you guessed it a cardboard box!

I love using things we have around the house to create fun and interesting things to play with.  Call it recycling, repurposing, reusing.  We call it being kind to Mother Earth. :) 

We had some old boxes lying around taking up lots of precious space in our ever shrinking house so I thought I would put them to good use.  I taped them together at the perfect size for my little one to be able to climb into.  I cut out a window in the front and a large rectangle door in the back for easy access.

Then the fun part....DeCOraTinG!!!  I decoupaged sheet music using Mod Podge onto the entire surface of the box.  Taking an image that I printed from the Internet I ripped the paper into various shapes and sizes and applied them the entire box.  I then created a fun clock out of cardboard, lace and paint with real movable hands.  Then I added a curtain using a dowel and some funky fabric.  Lastly was the ticket holder created out of an envelope box that I painted, sponged and added lace to.  It was then filled with pretty scrap booking chipboard  pieces that make the perfect "tickets".

The side shelves are held up using string and eye hooks that can hold many puppets and accessories.  They are easily adjusted to lie flat which makes for much easier storage.

The perfect, place to put on a show, tell a story, sing a song or whatever else my little one can come up with.  And it was all made out of stuff we had in the house.  

Let the performances begin!

Before shot

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Amy Anderson said...

What a cute transformation! I love it!