Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Art Studio

Welcome to the Studio!
My desk.
Side Table with supplies, photos and inspiration.
Works in progress.
Closet with every art supply imaginable.
Bins of paints, brushes, mediums, ribbon etc.
Kids art station located right near mommy's studio.


greenmachine said...

Thanks for sharing Bridget! My mother in law volunteered to watch the boys for a few days in December when there is no preschool and first on my list is START TO CREATE MY ART SPACE, Yay!!!! I didn't realize your paintings are almost a collage, with all the layered paper underneath, so cool! : )

Funkolicious Creations said...

That is great! Good luck creating and finding your inner voice.

Actually the collages are a brand new technique I have just started since C has started preschool (Sept). All the others pieces are acrylic paintings on canvas using a glazing technique.

I am always open to trying new things and seeing where it leads me.