Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Creating a Painting

I start with an idea from my sketchbook that I draw onto a canvas board or stretched canvas.
Then I trace my sketch onto tracing paper.
I gather some coordinating papers that I will use.
I cut up pieces of paper and glue them to the canvas creating an interesting composition.
Then I transfer my drawing back on top of the paper collage.
Using a brayer I apply paint to the background. Then I gesso the face, neck, hair and arms of the figure.
Glazes of color are then painted to create depth and a cohesive feeling.
Details are added to the face and body of the figure to make it stand out.
Text is printed and affixed to the canvas and glazed with paint to blend in.
Embellishments are added last to complete the illustration.
Reach For The Stars
9x12 Canvas Board
Canvas, paint, paper, wood pieces

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