Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mixed Media Collage

Fairy Godmother

I had been feeling uninspired and extremely pressed for necessary studio time. With family, responsibilities, jobs, etc. I was not drawn to spending time in my studio, honestly I would much rather taken a nap. It was definitely time to try something new and different and hopefully less time consuming than my usual paintings. That way I could jump in and start making stuff again.

During a recent trip to the art supply store I was inspired by an interesting art book with lots of different techniques described. I decided to try to make a piece of art that had a lot of collage elements and was a bit out of my comfort zone to challenge where I want to go with my art. The background is a patchwork of papers and the painting style is very free and raw. The painting on top still allows a way of incorporating my illustration style but without such concern for perfection in every detail. The use of interesting elements and embellishments add a feeling of nostalgia as well as another visual layer to the collage.

The idea was to keep the artwork loose and not overwork each part which was very freeing. All too often I am thinking of the end piece while creating and not enjoying the adventure of what may happen during the process. This piece allowed me to let go and have more fun and explore.

It feels to me like an art poem. There is a lot of mood and feeling going on to create a story. It feels like the start of something new for me and that is very exciting. I hope this leads to more funky mixed media collage pieces!

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