Sunday, April 11, 2010

Preschool Art - Spin Art

Beautiful, colorful, fun..... Spin Art!

Today we went out and bought an inexpensive salad spinner from Target. Make sure that there are no holes in the bottom or tape them up prior to spinning.

Using card stock or heavyweight paper squirt dabs of paint on the paper and place into spinner.

SPIN!!!!! SPIN!!!!! SPIN!!!!!!!

Be careful not to spin too hard or soft. Have fun practicing to see what speed works the best.

Glitter paint added a lot of fancy sparkle to this one.

We also tried using a craft stick to spread out the paint and make designs and we really like how the effect turned out.

We will definitely be trying this open ended art project again and next time with a bunch of Preschoolers at our play group. It was so much fun and each time you open the spinner it is a complete surprise.

When the spin art was completely dry (it takes a while) we made note cards for friends and family and glued the spin art on top.

Go outside, grab your paints and start spinning!

Spin Art Gallery

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