Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ribbon Wand

My little one loves to pretend, play dress up and dance and play music. What kid doesn't? In our weekly Music class today the kids and adults danced around with long, colored ribbons that were tied together. They created a room full of colorful floating streamers. My girl was swinging those ribbons like crazy. Her dance moves were so pure and free it was beautiful to watch. As you can imagine she didn't want it to end. When the ribbons went bye-bye the look of disappointment on her face broke my heart so I promised I would make her an even better one when we got home.

A dowel rod, some pretty ribbons, a wooden ball, paint, glitter and only a few burnt fingers from the glue gun and here you have it. A wonderful, fancy ribbon wand to swing to the music, while twirling to the beat and showing off your dance moves. Try it for yourself. It is so fun!


Shalonne said...

Are you selling these? I'd be interested in one if you are :)

Funkolicious Creations said...

Absolutely Shalonne! Email me at and we can talk about the details. Thanks.