Monday, December 28, 2009

Library Tote Bag - Easy no sew project

My girl loves to read. I often find her in her room on a cozy chair curled up with a large stack of books. She has tons of books all over our home that she joyfully spends hours pouring over......I am a very lucky mommy.

We recently moved and found a wonderful library in our new town that we love visiting. It's majestic lions await us at the entrance welcoming us into its magical world. The children's section has huge ceilings, bright windows and beautiful classic storybook murals decorating the walls. To top it all off there is a special secret kiddie door that is hidden in a stack of painted books. Every time we visit it is truly a wonderful adventure.

Now that my daughter is getting a little older I am starting to teach her the concept of borrowing books and going to the library to pick out different books. She is beginning to understand the endless possibilities of stories and adventures that await us each time we go and the importance of taking good care of these books so that other boys and girls can enjoy them too.

Each week we go to story time and pick out five "new" books to borrow for a few weeks. But where to put these books of special importance? Holding them is cumbersome, shoving them in the car ruins them, a toddler can't carry more than one and they don't fit in my regular bag. I thought it would be a great project and Christmas present to make a library tote bag.

Lots of my supplies are still packed and disorganized from our move so I wanted a simple no sew project. I bought a plain canvas tote bag from Michael's and went to town decorating and embellishing with fabric, ribbon, buttons, etc. Everything is attached with iron on fuseable web, tacky glue and hot glue. I created a small pocket in the front for a library card and a large pocket in the back for papers.

I love how it turned out. It is cute, fun, easy, practical and best of all Funkolicious! I'm not sure yet how "toddler friendly" it is but time will tell. I hope the bag and my girls love of reading last a long time.

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