Friday, September 18, 2009

Cruising In Style In My Perfect Town

For moi

So I am sitting here fantasizing about living in a really cute town where everything you need is within walking distance. In this town we live in the suburbs and have a yard for our dogs and enough room for all of us plus really great, friendly neighbors and of course a spectacular school system. There is a duck pond where we can feed the ducks and birds. Everyday my girl and I can have adventure filled journeys all through town. We may find animals and creatures swimming in the nearby brook and hidden nooks or fairy dwelling in the neighborhood trees.

For the wee one

We can pick up things for dinner at the local supermarket or eat dinner with daddy at one of the cozy, family restaurants in town. There is a park, playground, art classes, funky stores and a movie theatre all there too. And my art pieces are in high demand at a local specialty boutique... hey why not I'm dreaming big. We can even ride our bikes if we want. How fun!

For my hubby

I dream of this town and I will try to bring in into my world and when I do these are the perfect bikes to cruise around town in. I am using the secret everyday to attract my perfect town. Wish me luck!

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