Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Art Supply Store - A Magical Place

Photo by dphock

There is nothing more fun to me, besides my glass of wine at the end of the day, than a trip to the art supply store. I know a lot of you crafters out there can relate. It is a world of inspiration and endless possibilities. Anything can happen to spark my creativity and empty my wallet. I think that art supplies are my favorite thing to spend money on. Ahhhhh...... beads, canvas, paper, fabric, paints, flowers, charms and so much more. And each and every item all packaged so beautifully and ready for my hands to create something never seen before.

And then there is the unpainted wood section. The place where I have been focusing most of my attention these days. I examine each piece and start to imagine what it could be. This is where I can take a blank slate and make it into a unique piece of furniture that really comes to life with color, pattern and personality.

Here are some of the pieces I scored on my latest trip to that magical place, the art supply store. I keep finding 40% off 1 item coupons to Michael's and A.C. Moore and I just can't seem to stop myself. It's scary. I 'm really looking forward to painting these. I already have sketches and ideas forming. Everything from colors to designs to themes to creatures.

Now I just need time to sit down and get to work! (Easier said than done.) I will keep you posted when they are finished, beautiful and ready to enjoy!

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