Sunday, August 9, 2009

Redesigning My Website

I have been redesigning my website for a little while now. I 'm trying to create a new look that is easier to navigate and easier for me to sell my children's decor. Right now the site feels like a hodgepodge of old and new pieces and like my ever growing closet it needs to be reorganized.

Recently I have been painting more large furniture pieces and I can't wait to add them to the mix to add more volume to the amount of products I offer. On my to do list: paint a lot more pieces, take great pictures showcasing my work, add descriptive text and finally organize the website completely. Basically I just need lots of uninterrupted time to get it all done. HA! Well, being a full time mom that will not happen ...... so I will do as much as I can when I can and hopefully I will be revealing the new and improved site soon.

I have a lot of work to do but the finished product will be really FUNKOLICIOUS and I am so excited for everyone to see it (myself included)!

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