Sunday, August 23, 2009

Preschool Art - Le Petit Nevelson Box

We looked at works of art by Louise Nevelson. Then we talked about how she chose to stack boxes and filled then with many different and interesting organic and geometric pieces of wood. We identified all the shapes we could find and discovered some new ones we had never seen before. Paying close attention we traced (with our fingers) the curved, graceful lines of some shapes and the hard angles and edges of others.

We discovered that there can be many different shades and tints of one color. Together we counted all the different shadow colors and light colors of black we could find.

Then we created our own boxes by gluing different wood pieces in our box. Circles, squares, craft sticks, balls, etc. We layered, stacked and placed our pieces in interesting and pleasing arrangements, painted ours white, and VOILA!... our own beautifully striking sculpture boxes inspired by Louise Nevelson.

Louise Nevelson, Sky Cathedral

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