Friday, August 14, 2009

Art Cards

These are a sample from a collection of art cards that I made for my daughter. She absolutely loves going through books and cards so I thought it would be a really fun way for her to look at famous works of art. She can look at them whenever she feels like it and enjoys going through them often. She identifies the content of the artwork and really enjoys looking at the colors and imagery. She has been playing with them since she was about a year old and still finds them a fun source of entertainment.

To make them I found some really great laminating cards that are made of hard plastic and have rounded edges (a must when giving them to babies and children). Then I searched for the specific pieces of art I wanted on the computer, added the names of the artists in Photoshop, printed them out and inserted 2 (one on each side) into the laminated folder. Presto! Awesome art cards.

We have a collection of 50 now and I can see myself adding more as time goes on and her interests change.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea for teaching kids about art. I have never seen anything like these. Do you sell them?