Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I LOVE this Art Video for Babies

In my house I try not to expose my daughter to a lot of television. Usually an animal or nature show if I absolutely need a quiet moment but I am always right there talking about the animals we are watching and muting the commercials. I feel videos are a very different and a lot better for what I am trying to teach her. (No commercials encouraging consumerism, no fast paced imagery blasting across the screen, limited show time, ability for repeat viewing and deeper learning.) This DVD is especially great. It's 30 minutes of classical music set to animated famous works of art. Picture Monet, Miro, Degas and Pollack coming to life before your eyes stimulating your child's creativity. It is great exposure to works of art in an entertaining, fun and educational way. They have a dance and music DVD too. I just wish they made more of these!

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